Welcome to St. John Lutheran School

"The Little School"

  • Christian based education

  • Over 100 years of educating children

  • Grades: 3K through 8th

  • Small class sizes

  • High academic standards

  • Before and after school care available

  • Nurturing environment

  • Focus on independence, compassion, respect for oneself and others

Why a Christian Education?

Jesus taught us to “Seek first the Kingdom of God” (Matthew 6:33). St. John Lutheran School’s program of Christian education is centered on this principle. Children benefit from Christ-centered education through daily exposure to the love of their Savior.

A regular part of classroom activities include:

  • Reading the Bible

  • Learning Bible verses by heart

  • Singing hymns of the faith

  • Learning Luther’s Small Catechism

Christ-centered academics is the priority. Students are well-prepared for the spiritual and academic challenges of high school.


"Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of God.” Luke 18:16

Students attend pastor-led chapel three times a week during school hours. Attending chapel gives students an opportunity to hear God’s Word in the worship setting. These chapels are directed specifically to the Bible stories and portion of the Catechism being taught that week in the classrooms.


Each younger student has a chapel upper-grade student “buddy” who assists him/her with the order of service. The friendships developed extend outside chapel to all other school activities.


Everyone is welcome to worship with the students.

Service in the School Chapel starts at 8:15 am.

Over 100 years of experience!

Since 1906, St. John Lutheran School has been:

  • Educating students in a Christian atmosphere

  • Involving student families to provide an unparalleled support system to keep students achieving remarkable heights

  • Setting high academic standards leading many St. John Lutheran School students to graduate in the top ten percent of their high school class

  • No student will be denied a Christian education. St. John Lutheran Church strongly supports the school, covering 100% of tuition costs for members and over 50% for non-members. Tuition is about 25% of other parochial schools’ tuition.


St. John Lutheran School meets all state requirements for academics. The multi-grade classrooms average 12 students. St. John Lutheran School students have one teacher for 2-3 years. Students can jump right back in each year with little adjustment time. Multi-grade classrooms aid students in learning and retaining knowledge as they hear course content several times. The multi-grade setting better reflects the style of learning in the world, where it is very rare to be in an environment where all of the people are of the same age and educational background.


3 and 4-Year-Old Half-day Preschool


3-Year-Olds Monday, Thursday

4-Year-Olds Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 

5-Year-Old Kindergarten

Kindergarteners attend full day classes Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

Extracurricular Activities


St. John Lutheran School provides students opportunities to build their talents from acting, singing, creating art, playing musical instruments, and participating in science fairs to learning to speak in public settings. The school has several performances each year for parents and community.



Students from the earliest grades are immersed in music. They often sing and play instruments for church services and school performances. Through Suring Public School, students in 5th to 8th grades are offered band lessons and students in 6th to 8th grades choir instruction.



Throughout the year, students participate in activities in locations outside the classroom. Activities range from visiting such places as zoos and museums to businesses. Upper grade students go on a class trip. Each activity is chosen to enhance classroom learning.



Students participate in activities in the community serving others. The students visit nursing homes and elderly centers and/or do cleanup activities for others.



Students have opportunities to participate in sports including track and field, football, baseball, soccer, and volleyball. Sports programs offered at St. John Lutheran School are dependent upon enrollment. Suring Public School offers full participation in their sports programs.

For more information please call (920) 842-4443 or email stjohns@stjohnlutheranhayes.org